But first, Let me introduce myself

Hey guys, 

Welcome to my blog! This is a first for me soo bare with me. I am going to be chatting about a few things that mean a lot to me..

But first, let me introduce myself  lol

My name is Elisabeth (Lisa, Lizzie, Liz,) it’s all good. I am a  woman who currently lives in the beautiful Amsterdam. Now how did I get here, you ask?


Right, I was raised in the dutch city of Leiden before moving to a few towns, for example,Vlaardingen. Briefly lived in a England for about a year. Went back to Holland and spent my teenage years in Ireland.

While in Ireland, we took a long break from travelling and I managed to squeeze in a degree in Pharmacology . Like most people, you probably don’t know what that is either . It’s essentially the study of (legal) drugs. Their mode of action, pharmacokinetics, safety profile, indications, side effects etc

Okay so fast forward ⏩⏭

One year later, I got the awesome experience to work with a science company based in, you guessed it, Holland!! And I have been living here for the past 4 months!

On this blog I am going to be talking about different things that mean a lot to me. But expect a lot of posts on makeup, fitness, travel ANND natural hair.

See you next time and stay tuned for upcoming posts


With Love,



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