A weekend lost in Amsterdam and Leiden!!


Hey guys,

So one of my long time friends came to visit me over the weekend and I decided to take her  for some good old sight- seeing.On Friday night, we went  to the amazing Escape Nightclub on Rembrandt Square.We thought it was going to be RnB and Hip hop but it was pure House music. If you love that type of music then I would totally recommend you go visit this place.It wasn’t entirely our taste but we still had a lot of fun.   See our looks below.



The following day, We had lunch at one of the restaurants on On Damrak Place. Basically, it’s an entire line up of small restaurants offering a variety of foreign foods. We went to a restaurant offering “the best steak in the whole of  Holland”. Apparently, all the restaurants in that area do haha. I  wanted something light so I opted for Grilled chicken with fries and mushroom sauce instead. My friend had spare ribs with fries and garlic sauce. It was lovely.



After having lunch, we  went shopping, obviously. One perk of being close to the city is that you can find virtually any shop you are looking for. We visited the new Primark that had just opened two months earlier. With over seven floors to explore, we spent just under an hour there. Next up, we visited De Bijenkorf, a massive department store where I usually stock up on my makeup, and the usual high street chains like River Island and Bershka. Before leaving  Amsterdam, we stumbled on Dam Square and took many, many pictures;


Dam Square

In the evening, we headed over to the city of Leiden. It was really important for me to visit as this is where I spent part of my childhood. Leiden has to be one of my favorite cities, period. when we arrived, the outside of the station was beautifully designed and illuminated by lights.


Leiden Station



And in the city, guess what we found, even more lights !



Out and About



One thing that a lot of you probably know already is that Holland is famed for it’s many canals. When we walked past this canal we just had to take a few pictures with it!




Leiden City

All in all, we had a great time! Stay tuned for a new blog post next week.

With Love,